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For any company or organisation with an archive or collection of media - be it films, television programmes, photographs, digital files or documents - knowing and understanding how to unlock the potential of the collections, or making decisions on what to keep and why, is an essential part of the strategy.


With over 50 years combined experience, the team at Northbound provides consultancy services and advice on how best to organise and structure media collections, how to manage rights information and clear copyrights and has a wealth of knowledge about placing collections at the heart of a distribution and use strategy - whether that’s for commercial gain, building a valuable internal resource, or making content available for research, public access or academic purposes.


The opportunities to be gained from truly understanding your media collections are significant. The Knowledge Economy relies on quality and accessible information. Do you know your IP and are your collections organised and structured in order to drive value, make decisions and unlock their potential?


At Northbound we love content, we love organising content (we are librarians after all!) and we are passionate about unlocking the rights in collections for the benefit of businesses, organisations, their customers and clients.

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