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For many organisations, a core asset is their catalogue of IP, however, managing and organising that IP (good information management practice) can be complex and costly. Intelligent Rights Management is therefore a differentiator. Working on the tried and tested basis that a combination of policies, processes, data standards and systems are used to create a single “source of truth”, we can help reposition Rights Management at the heart of your organisation, enabling efficiencies, automation and the ability to unlock the value of your IP.


Buying and selling clips from films and television programmes is fun but can be complicated and time consuming. We have many years' experience of unlocking the clip sales potential of media collections, supporting and setting up award-winning clip sales businesses and mining deep archives for clip sales gems. Conversely, we have been buyers and users of clips and have significant experience in sourcing and clearing material. Whether you are looking to buy or sell clips, we can help.


With the correct rights clearances in place, content creators and rights holders can open up their media collections to drive commercial revenues and enable use of their works. Using our extensive network of contacts built over many years working in the television industry, we undertake rights clearances on behalf of our clients, whether that’s negotiating with talent and underlying rights holders or clearing the use of archive footage, photographs and music.


Whether you have vaults of films, tapes, photographs or documents or servers of digital files, managing and organising them either as physical collections or sets of catalogue data requires particular skills and expertise. As qualified librarians and information management specialists, we are experienced in transforming poorly understood or even reasonably well-understood collections into a prized resource positioned to drive value and re-use. Combined with our Rights Management expertise, we can transform archive collections to be a true asset at the heart of your organisation.

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